Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 and Great News

Helloooo girlssss.....
Happy New Year 2015 all of you!!!...nice being a good crafter last year..hahaha :)
Just sit a while ...and realize how much great oppurtunity offered for me last year ...from become a part as DT Magnolia Forever, DT Marveolus Magnolia, DT at Made With Love's all been great for me...and I love it doing all of this :)

I hope I'm not to late to give you the good news....
for a great open my new page blog at 2015..I'm really trilled and thankful to announced that I'm a new DT Member at I'am Roses Challenge blog in this 1st January 2015
For me this is very..very cool...hahaha..:) because I really love the I'am Roses product and to be part on their amazing DT is one of my now the dream is came true :)
I "ve got to say thank you to Jesus and Jo for the invitation to me...'just can't believe it...that so much talented crafters out there..and I'm one of person have this awsome offered...WOW..:)
I hope all of you stay tune on my blog to see my updated creations

If you want see the announchment

have  a nice holiday....and keep warm


  1. Roselany Hello, Happy New Year 2015 to you and your family. I'm happy for you that your dream of DT magnolia is both true. I hope and I wish you from the heart to continue for a long time. A big hug Joan.

  2. Congrats Roselany! Enjoy your new journey! Hugs,