Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Great News "to be DT Magnolia Forever Blog

Hello Girls...i'm very excited to post you a great news...now I'm part of one DT at Magnolia Forever
I'm very happy...just wanna shout it loud ....LOL :D. This is just like my dream is come true, to be one of DT Magnolia Forever is a great oppurtunity, because i'm very addicted with this cute stamp from Magnolia.
I want say thank you to my Jesus Christ because He always give me want that I wanted...and i'm very thankfull to Valou Allard that have been give me this oppurtunity....so stay tune in my blog to see what i create for their amazing blog...and don't forget to join in our challenge....see you

have a nice day
Crafty hugs from me 



  1. Hello Roselany, I'm happy for you for this opportunity 'to take part in the dt magnolia forever, you're really good and you deserve it.
    A good day Joan.

    1. Hello Joan, nice to hear you again...and thank you for your lovely comment. You can join in our challenge blog....I hope can see what your creation :)

      Have a nice day Joan :)

    2. Roselany Hello, thank you for your invitation to become part of your challenge blog, but I've never participated in a challenge, I do not know the rules and what to do in order to participate.
      A good day to you. Joan

  2. Hello Joan, you can copy the url from the blog that you want join the challenge and follow their blog (it's a must), and add it to your blog list, and after that you can see the rules on their blog. and a must is you have to made a card and post that card on you blog, and after that you klik the "link" to submit your card to their blog.
    I hope you understand what I write ;). come on Join ;)
    I know you can made a wonderful card ;)
    have a nice day Joan

    1. Roselany Hello, thank you for the explanation that you gave me to participate, I think I have got it right. I'll start 'to make a card and am happy with the result even if I decide to participate, too. If you enjoy verdere some of those that I have done, visit my blog IlcassettodiGio.blogspot.com. They are not all the ones I've done, and as you will see they are in a different style from those nice that you do.
      Now I want to try to make one with the style of those that you do, and if I can maybe participate in the challenge blog.
      A good day to you. Joan

    2. Hello Joan,
      I already see your blog...your creation and the cards are so beautifull and nice. every crafter and card making is unique, you have a unique style too. I know you can make a beautiful card too.
      you can participate in our blog by making a card with Magnolia Image on it, this is a cute stamp...you will addicted ...LOL
      Have a nice day

      Carfty hugs from me :)

    3. Thanks for the kind words you said about my creations and my card, you are really kind.
      I'm glad that you like the style and though 'different from your own. I thought the crad I want to do to see if I can make one in your own style, now I have magnolia stamps, but if the test card satisfies me, I'll buy 'someone and maybe I also participate to the challenger Magnolia.
      Best wishes and I wish you a good day. Joan